Signature Pool Care

We help you care for your investment.

Owning a pool is a big investment and we want to be by your side to take care of it.

We offer three Signature packages, custom packages and year-round Indoor Pool Care.

Our Signature pool care packages are specifically designed to care for your pool from open to close. We offer three Signature packages for your convenience. We also offer customize packages and year round Indoor Pool Care.

Our clients describe this service as a “Vacation at Home".

Our Weekly 15 point valet services are provided by trained technicians who will keep your pool sparkling clean, chemically balanced and running properly.

Orenda Technologies also provides normal and preventative maintenance procedures to help maximize your equipment’s service life and efficiency.

To help keep our environment clean, we use Orenda Technologies Eco-Friendly products that are effective and safe for your whole family.


Early Spring Prep Service
Starting in March we will check and start the equipment to inspect for any repairs needed. We will also balance the water chemistry add spring start-up chemicals.
Full Service Opening
Including winter cover cleaning and inspection / minor repairs.
Using "Hammer Head" equipment. We also brush and skim as needed.
Water Analysis
Thorough water analysis using Taylor chemical testing systems and chemistry adjustment.
Chemical Balancing
All balancing chemicals, stain preventer, algaecide, salt or sanitizer as needed.
General Service calls
3 General service calls for equipment repairs or maintenance.
Parts Allowance
$250 allowance for general parts and supplies such as: gauges, o-rings, seals, filter grids, wall return fittings, skimmer baskets - weirs - lids, pump seals, tile repair, temp sensors, and other general parts.
Full Service Closing
Includes winter cover inspection / minor repairs.
Winter Watch Service
Up to 3 visits to check water level and equipment as needed.

Let's get to work!

Schedule your Signature Pool Care now and keep your pool looking great all season.
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