Pool Types

Know Your Pool Type

Our services are specially tailored to the unique features of your pool. Use this guide as a companion when choosing your desired service.

Pool Type 1

Basic pool
This is a basic pool that may include a heater and /or automatic cleaner. 
Size: up to approximately 20 x 40

Pool Type 2

Pool with attached spa
This is the most common pool type in our area. It is a step up Type 1 with an attached spa, automation control system, salt water system and a heater.

Pool Type 3

Deluxe pool with spa
This is a Deluxe Pool with a spa, waterfalls, raised walls, planter areas, safety cover with cable attachments, extra filter systems and pumps. 
Size: up to 25 x 50

Pool Type 4

Custom pools
This is a highly customized pool with sophisticated equipment. Usually includes caves, grottos, infinity edges, large rock formations, integrated slides and other unique features.

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