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Signature Pool Care
  • Early Spring Prep Service: Starting in March we will check and start the equipment to inspect for any repairs needed. We will also balance the water chemistry add spring start-up chemicals .
  • Full Service Opening, winter cover cleaning and inspection / minor repairs.
  • Vacuum using "Hammer Head" equipment, Brush and Skim as needed.
  • Thorough water analysis using Taylor chemical testing systems and chemistry adjustment.
  • All balancing chemicals, stain preventer, algaecide, salt or sanitizer as needed.
  • 3 general service calls for equipment repairs or maintenance.
  • $250 Allowance for general parts and supplies such as... gauges, o-rings, seals, filter grids, wall return fittings, skimmer baskets - weirs - lids, pump seals, tile repair, temp sensors, and other general parts.
  • Full Service Closing and winter cover inspection / minor repairs.
  • Winter Watch Service: up to 3 visits to check water level and equipment as needed.

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